Ann Pilling

Novelist and Poet

Ways of Speech

Cover image of The Dancing Sailors, Ann's second published poetry anthology. ISBN: 978-1-912524-66-2
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Indigo Dreams Publishing

‘Ann Pilling’s poems have the precision gained in a life-time of professional writing, the particular glow of long-treasured memories, and the passion of long-stored speech.’ – Kate Clanchy

‘Through childhood, loss and living, these poems carry the reader with them, through pain, through the warmth and wisdom of their final lines.’ – Alison Brackenbury

‘These are poems of great poise and insight; to quote Edwin Muir, they are written with ‘a mixture of enjoyment and hard work’. Here..we see a poet who can distinguish between the true and false, an exhilarating and achieved voice.’ – Penelope Shuttle

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Say Cheese (ed. Ann Pilling)

front cover of Say Cheese BookISBN: N/A
Format: Paperback
Publisher: The Rookhurst Press, 2015

A fizzing collection of poems chosen to give the reader 'comfort and joy'. Great poets of the past are twinned with great poets of today.

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Ground Cover

groundcover ISBN: 978-1-909357-96-9
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Indigo Dreams Publishing

This collection 'covers the ground' Ann Pilling has travelled since her last collection, not only on physical journeys but on journeys of the mind and the heart. So in addition to poems about remote places , there are poems about ageing and being young, about death and birth; there is much too about the natural world and how one is redeemed by its birds and its animals and by the sheer beauty of its landscapes.

Crème Brûlée
Tap goes the spoon's beak
on sugared onyx making white webs,
splinters crack open, sink into a honey sea
and we suck sweetness.
Behind drapes, frost skins the water meadows
where she used to skate,
town child testing her heel on a grubby pond.
Ageing hostess now, serving a chic dessert, she watches
mouths shut and open , sees
juices dribble down chins,
itches, as her mother did once, to wet
the clean corner of a hanky with her tongue
and make all clean.
For George in Scotland
Today I think mainly of trees because on waking
after your night journey you whispered
'Trees' in a voice soft as leaves.
Then we were out on the grass and I saw
your stubby toes dig deep in its ancient softness
milking the earth. The crag
was Chinese White that morning, a slip of sky
caught on it like a blue hanky while the trees
stood sentinel for you at the jaws of life
Later through a long window we saw
rabbits. Taking my hand you uttered
'Peter' in your light leaf voice.

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The Dancing Sailors

Cover image of The Dancing Sailors, Ann's second published poetry anthology. ISBN: 978-1-907401-62-6
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Indigo Dreams Publishing

Moniza Alvi said "Ann Pilling brings a haunted, sometimes tragic, quality to a marvellously tactile, solid reality"

Penelope Shuttle said "These poems follow the heartbeart of life with scrupulous accuracy,  Cast in language as true and clear as a flowing stream, they are routed in reality and find value in the overlooked, the unexpected, and 'the hard edges' of human experience."

Tamar Yoseloff said "Ann Pilling is considered and compassionate in her portraits of family, friends and characters who pass through but make a lasting impression.  Her formal grace and resonant imagery make this collection a pleasure to read."

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Home Field

Cover image of Home Field. Ann's first published poetry anthology. ISBN: 9781904852223
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Arrowhead Press

Presents full-length poetry collection of the author. This book features acute and celebratory observations of the domestic and familial which are balanced by the author's renderings of the tragic - searing, sombre, resonant, controlled, haunting.

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