Ann Pilling

Novelist and Poet

Ways of Speech

Cover image of The Dancing Sailors, Ann's second published poetry anthology. ISBN: 978-1-912524-66-2
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Indigo Dreams Publishing

‘Ann Pilling’s poems have the precision gained in a life-time of professional writing, the particular glow of long-treasured memories, and the passion of long-stored speech.’ – Kate Clanchy

‘Through childhood, loss and living, these poems carry the reader with them, through pain, through the warmth and wisdom of their final lines.’ – Alison Brackenbury

‘These are poems of great poise and insight; to quote Edwin Muir, they are written with ‘a mixture of enjoyment and hard work’. Here..we see a poet who can distinguish between the true and false, an exhilarating and achieved voice.’ – Penelope Shuttle

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