Ann Pilling

Novelist and Poet

The Dancing Sailors

Cover image of The Dancing Sailors, Ann's second published poetry anthology. ISBN: 978-1-907401-62-6
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Indigo Dreams Publishing

Moniza Alvi said "Ann Pilling brings a haunted, sometimes tragic, quality to a marvellously tactile, solid reality"

Penelope Shuttle said "These poems follow the heartbeart of life with scrupulous accuracy,  Cast in language as true and clear as a flowing stream, they are routed in reality and find value in the overlooked, the unexpected, and 'the hard edges' of human experience."

Tamar Yoseloff said "Ann Pilling is considered and compassionate in her portraits of family, friends and characters who pass through but make a lasting impression.  Her formal grace and resonant imagery make this collection a pleasure to read."

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